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Scholarly articles and chapters

 Scholarly Articles and Chapters

Emotion, affect and participation: why science communication practitioners should embrace a feminist ethics of care in their work in Eds. Star Rogers H, Halpern M, Hannah D, de Ridder-Vignone K. The Routledge Handbook of Art, Science and Technology Studies. Routledge Press. (Forthcoming in Fall 2019).

Engaging and Co-authoring with Science Publics Online: Interactive Documentaries as Emergent Models of Science Communication. Co-authored with Lomax Boyd. Available at SSRN: or (2018)

Public engagement in synthetic biology: “experts,” “diplomats,” and the creativity of “idiots” in Eds. Hagen K, Engelhard M, Toepfer G. Ambivalences of Creating Life. Societal and Philosophical Dimensions of Synthetic Biology. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg (2015)

From Lab to Living Room: Transhumanist Imaginaries of Consumer Brain Wave Monitors, Ada Journal of Gender, New Media and Technology (2013)