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  • Canadian Science Journalism Award

    Thank you very much to the Canadian Science Writer’s Association for giving Undoing Forever, our documentary for CBC Radio 1’s long-running documentary program – IDEAS, with Paul Kennedy – an honourable mention for the Canadian Science Journalism Award. This documentary about the science and ethics of de-extinction was produced by CBC’s master in-house producer Sara […]

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  • Blogging for the MIT and Culture Kettle collaboration: The Evolving Culture of Science Engagement

    I wrote something that was posted today over on the MIT and Culture Kettle Evolving Culture of Science Engagement website. Full text follows: In the insightful research agenda that appears at the end of the first Evolving Culture of Science Engagement report, some attention is paid to the idea that research is already “out there” […]

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  • What kind of music do wolves like?

    I made a radio piece for WNYC’s Studio 360 about Laurel Braitman, an authour and historian of science who takes a delightful approach to her work, which focuses on animals and how they go mad. She discovered that music might soothe them, and began throwing concerts for animals a few years ago. Recently she arranged […]

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  • New post as researcher at the Center for Synthetic Biology in Copenhagen

    As part of my PhD research I am collaborating with synthetic biologists, legal scholars, philosophers and other media scholars at the Center for Synthetic Biology in Copenhagen. Researchers from these groups are participating in my media project that aims to generate an original form of interdisciplinary communication in the field using radio and art production. […]

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  • PhD in Copenhagen!

    I’m in Copenhagen, the land of the beautiful on bicycles. I moved here last week and am loving it so far. I’ve taken a position as a PhD researcher at the University of Copenhagen in the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, under the supervision of Dr. Maja Horst and Dr. Sarah Davies. This is […]

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  • FLIPPING PROPERTIES with architect/artist Jimenez Lai live in Toronto

    From Rear View (Projects): Opening Event: Friday, July 11, 2014, 6:00-9:00pm Performance at 7:00pm followed by Jimenez Lai in conversation with science radio producer and host Britt Wray (CBC, WNYC) for combined scientific and architectural perspectives on flipping the house. Exhibition Location & Dates: The laneway at Sheridan Avenue & Gordon Street, Toronto (refer to […]

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  • Interviewed by Sandbox

    The Sandbox Network asked me about why I do what I do, my thoughts on millennials, and a few other satisfyingly open ended questions that allowed me to ramble on about some of the things that I care about. Our interview is up here if you’re interested in reading it.

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  • Growing Violacein Factories with Synbiota

    Canadian Biohackers meet the Open Web I attended the world’s first “open distributed genetic engineering event” that happened this weekend in Haliburton, Ontario and is subsequently rolling out in several DIY “do-it-yourself” biology labs (i.e. independent non-institutionally supported labs) all over the world. (If you search #sciencehack on Twitter you’ll find some documentation). All those […]

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  • We’ll be at SXSW!

    Nadja Oertelt (documentary producer at HarvardX) and I are giving a workshop on citizen science at SXSWedu in March. We’ll be sticking around for SXSWinteractive as well. Will you be there? Feel free to get in touch . Here’s our workshop description: Citizen Science: Education for and by the People Summary #DIYsciSXSW DIY Science has […]

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  • Hosting on CBC Radio 3

    I’m quite hyped up about being a new guest host on CBC Radio 3. Radio 3 brings you the best in emerging Canadian music from indie rock to hip hop and electronic music. You can catch me telling stories between tunes on four hour sets at a time during weekends and weekly shows on a […]