Britt Wray

2014-present, PhD Candidate, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
2010­-2012, MA, Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design, OCAD University, Toronto, ON, CA
2010, Graduate Diploma in Communication Studies, Concordia University, Montreal, QC, CA
2008, BSc. Hon. (biology), Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, CA
2007, Undergraduate Certificate in Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Amsterdam, NH, NL

2016, Wellcome Trust Emerging Producer at World Congress of Science and Factual Producers, Stockholm
2016, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Doctoral Fellowship (granted over 3 years)
2015, Canadian Science Journalism Award, Honourable Mention for CBC radio documentary Undoing Forever, Canadian Science Writer’s Association
2014, UCPH Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research selects 2016 bioSYNergy project, PhD scholarship, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2014, Public Radio Exchange STEM Story Project Grant
2012, Roundhouse Online Film Fund, London, UK
2012, IdeasTap IdeasFund Innovators Award, London, UK
2012, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Michael Smith Foreign Study Award
2011-2012, SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship
2011-­2012, President’s Scholarship (awarded to top performing student in cohort), OCAD University
2010-­2011, President’s Scholarship (awarded to top incoming student in cohort), OCAD University
2008, Conservation Biology Project Prize, Queen’s University

2015-2016, Visiting Scholar, New York University Arthur L. Carter Institute for Journalism
2014, Ambassador to the Synthetic Biology Futures Group, Strategic Foresight and Innovation Master Program, OCAD University, Toronto
2014, Mentor, Synbio Axlr8r
2012, Visiting Scholar, Department of Communications, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK
2012, Sounds Elemental Residency, Union Docs, Brooklyn, NYC, USA
2011, BioArtCamp Residency at The Banff Centre, Banff, AB, CA
2009-ongoing, Fluxmedia Bioart Research-Creation Lab, Concordia University, Montreal, QC, CA

2017, Presenter, BBC Tomorrow’s World Podcast
2016, Doing the No No, Love and Radio
2014, Music for Animals on WNYC Studio 360 with Kurt Anderson, recipient of PRX STEM Story Project Award.
2014, 1 hour feature documentary about de-extinction Undoing Forever on CBC Radio 1’s IDEAS, episode announcer and contributing producer, production direction by staff producer Sara Wolch.
2014, “Grow your own ink” for CBC Radio 1’s Spark, contributing producer.
2013, Think About It, a CBC Radio 1 summer series about neuroscience, associate producer on all 10 episodes.
2013, “The art and science of de-extinction” for WNYC’s Studio 360, contributing producer, made with Sara Robberson.
2012, Living Hard Drives for CBC Radio 1’s Spark, contributing producer.
My podcast, The Tympanic Eclipse, winner of IdeasTap Innovator’s Award.

2013-2014, Host, CBC Radio 3, Toronto, ON, CA
Guest host and digital content producer for CBC Radio 3, Canada’s independent rock and electronic music station.

2013 (Aug-Sept), Associate Producer, CBC Radio 2, Toronto, ON, CA
Produce radio segments about Canadian music for CBC Radio 2 and the online CBC Music streams.

2013 (May-Aug), Associate Producer, CBC Radio 1, Toronto, ON, CA
Part of the production team behind Think About It, a national radio show about neuroscience, acting as your user’s guide to the brain on CBC Radio One.

2012-present, Contributing Producer, CBC Radio, Toronto, ON, CA
Produce segments for CBC Radio One’s technology and culture program Spark with Nora Young and long form documentary show Ideas with Paul Kennedy.

2012-2013, Consultant, Synbiota, Toronto, ON, CA
Consult Synbiota on public engagement and education strategies; Synbiota is a platform developing web based tools for the synthetic biology field.

2011-2012, Graduate Research Assistant, OCAD University, Toronto, ON, CA
Researcher for the SSHRC funded project Biomapping at the Mobile Media Lab with Dr. Paula Gardner.

2011 (spring/summer), Field Test Film Corps, Portland, OR, US
Editorial assistant on a documentary film about synthetic biology.

2010­-2011, Graduate Research Assistant, OCAD University, Toronto, ON, CA
Researcher on GRAND-­NCE and SSHRC-­funded projects: 1) Mobile journalism, graphics and social media with Dr. Martha Ladly, 2) Biomapping with Dr. Paula Gardner.

2009­-2010, Workshop Coordinator, Studio XX, Montreal, QC, CA
Workshop coordinator for the media art lab at Studio XX, a feminist artist-­run centre for technological exploration, creation and critique.

2009 (Nov-Mar), Production Assistant, National Geographic, Marrakech, MOR
Production assistant on the National Geographic Channel’s television program City Chase.

2017 (winter semester course) Oral Science Communication for MSc students
Faculty of Sciences, University of Copenhagen

2016 03/22, Social Sides of Synthetic Biology Workshop for PhD students
Centre for Doctoral Training in Synthetic Biology at Oxford University

2016 03/23 and 03/24, Societal Issues in Synthetic Biology: Why all the fuss about public engagement? 2 full day course for Warwick Integrative Synthetic Biology Centre PhDs and Post-docs, University of Warwick.

2016, Cross Media Production MA Course Module on Audio
Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at University of Copenhagen

2015, Journalistic Media Production MA module on audio as research for journalism
Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at University of Copenhagen

2015, Cross Media Production MA Course Module on Audio
Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at University of Copenhagen

2015, Journalistic Media Production MA Course Module on sound interaction with stories in space
Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at University of Copenhagen

2012, Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, ON, CA
Facilitated workshops with Science Centre visitors on the intersection of art and biotechnology in the Creative Sundays program.

2011, Graduate Studies, OCAD University, Toronto, ON, CA
Design Immersion instructor for the incoming cohort of graduate students in the Master’s in Digital Futures.

2010­-2011, Undergraduate Art History Tutorial Leader, OCAD University, Toronto, ON, CA
Tutorial leader for a first-year undergraduate Art History course.

Wray, B. 2016. (Forthcoming) Rise of the Necrofauna A provocative look at the science, ethics and risks of de-extinction Greystone Books.

Wray, B. 2015. Re-writing Extinction. Scenario Magazine.

Wray, B. 2015. What is the world really like? Method Quarterly.

Wray, B. 2015. This Synthetic Bio Company is Hacking Microbes to Build the Smells of the Future on Motherboard/Vice.

Wray, B. 2015. Public engagement in synthetic biology: “experts,” “diplomats,” and the creativity of “idiots” in Eds. Hagen K, Engelhard M, Toepfer G. Ambivalences of Creating Life. Societal and Philosophical Dimensions of Synthetic Biology. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg

Wray, B. 2014. Rad Labs: DIY Biologists bring creation, experiments, and innovation to the people. Broken Pencil.

Wray, B. 2014. The Synthetic Biology Future on Nature Education’s Scitable.

Wray, B. 2014. Will Synthetic Biology Evolve Into the Next Hot Field? on Entrepreneur.

Gardner, P and Wray, B. 2013. From Lab to Living Room: Transhumanist Imaginaries of Consumer Brain Wave Monitors. Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media and Technology. Issue 3.

Wray, B. 2013. The DIY Body. Shift: Processes. OCAD University Press.

Wray, B. 2011. Art, design and democracy in open-source synthetic biology. .DPI Journal (22):1.

2017 (June 20), Biological Design for the Human and Beyond, Sonos

2017 (June 17), Is extinction no longer forever? The promises and pitfalls of de-extinction, curated as part of the Girls Are Awesome stage at Made in Space festival

2017 (June 17), The Future Human (moderator) at Made in Space festival

2017 (May 30), Future Betting with Gene Editing, open lecture at Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design

2017 (May 28), Trio-talk on de-extinction, Bloom Festival, Copenhagen

2017 (March 29), The Gene Editing Explosion, Nordea

2017 (March 16), Crispr the disrupter, Danske Idéer

2017 (Jan 31), Crispr the disrupter, DareDisrupt Disruptor’s Academy for Copenhagen Business

2017 (Jan 26), Aurator: Engaging Publicly, Privately, About Synthetic Biology, WISB Forum on Public Communication of Synthetic Biology, University of Warwick

2016, Sounding out how we speak about synthetic biology, Doctoral Training Centre in synthetic biology, University of Oxford

2016, Visions, Plans and Public Imaginaries for Synthetic Biology, University of Warwick launch of the Warwick Integrative Synthetic Biology Centre

2015, Engaging imaginations through stories with sound, Cross Media Production MA Course, Department of Media Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2015, Designing Interventions in Public Engagement, Digital Aesthetics Research Group, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2014, Synthetic Biology Concepts, Values and Politics, ICI Berlin , Germany

2014, “Flipping Properties” with Jimenez Lai, Director of Bureau Spectacular, Rear View Projects Summer Exhibition Opening, Toronto CA

2014, New Nature Talks, Synthetic Futures on Film, McGill University, Montreal CA

2014, York University, Synbiophilosophies, Toronto CA

2013, INDIConcordia Panel on fostering innovation through interdisciplinary perspectives in synthetic biology, Concordia University, Montreal CA

2013, Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Synthetic Biology (Keynote), Concordia University, Montreal CA

2013, PechaKucha Toronto, MakeWorks Co-working, Toronto CA

2013, Hexagram at Concordia University, Keynote for Fluxmedia talk, Montreal CA

2013, Concordia University, invited artist/producer talk for the undergraduate communications program, Montreal CA

2013, TEDx, The Lab is not Hermetically Sealed, OCAD University, Toronto CA

2012, Function, OCAD University Student Gallery, Toronto CA

2012, The DIY Body Project, Subtle Technologies ArtScienceCamp, University of Toronto, ON, CA

2012, The DIY Body Project, invited artist, Don Mills Collegiate Institute, Toronto CA

2011, Microsoft Design Expo Competition (part of the competing team for Knock), The Design Exchange, Toronto CA

2016, Presenter, “Science Communication and Performativity: How are we talking about synthetic biology?” PCST, Istanbul, Turkey

2015, Presenter, “Sounding Out How We Speak About Synthetic Biology”, 4S, Denver Colorado, US

2015, Presenter, Science and its Publics Panel: “Make Room for Emergence When Speaking of Synthetic Biology,” Nordic STS Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

2015, Presenter, “The Need for Experimental Communication in Synthetic Biology,” PACITA Technology Assessment Conference, Berlin, Germany

2014, Panelist, COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) final meeting on Bio-objects and their boundaries: governing matters at the intersection of society, politics, and science, University Foundation, Brussels, Belgium.

2014, Presenter, “Ideas for Creative Communicators in Synthetic Biology,” Analyzing the Societal Dimensions of Synthetic Biology, Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung, Berlin, Germany

2014, Presenter (with Nadja Oertelt), “Citizen Science: education for and by the people,” SXSWEdu, Austin TX USA

2014, Invited Press, The Synthetic Biology Future, Cork, Ireland

2012, Presenter, Intervening in the Practice and Performance of Emerging Biotech PowerShift, Ottawa CA

2012, Presenter, Changes at the Lab Bench: The Agora in the Agar of Synthetic Biology, Society for Literature, Science and the Arts, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee USA

2012, Presenter, Knotty Encounters, Department of Anthropology, York University, Toronto CA

2011, Organizer, Duration conference, OCAD University, Toronto CA

2011, Panelist, BioArtCamp, Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff CA

2011, Poster presentation, The ReTweet (RT) Driller Mobile App, Graphics, Animation, and New Media (GRAND-NCE), Vancouver CA

Jan 2013, Hal’s House (screening), The Roundhouse, London UK
June 2012, The MeatRAVE with Chris Wood at Megapolis Audio Festival, NYC
July 2012, The DIY Body Project in The Big On Bloor Festival, Toronto CA
March 2012, Pleasure Dome New Toronto Works (screening), Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto CA
March-August 2012, Spark!, Ontario Science Centre, Toronto CA
November 2011, CKUT Magic Sound Box, L’Envers, Montreal CA
April 2011, Like There’s No Tomorrow, XPACE, Toronto CA
October 2010, Placement, OCAD Graduate Gallery, Toronto CA

2016, Britt Wray’s Crash Course in De-extinction on Girls Are Awesome

2016, The wild adventures of science storyteller Britt Wray on Faculty

2016, Taking synbio out of the lab: An interview with Britt Wray on EUSynbioS

2014, Guest on Tiny Conversations Podcast with Brian Cauley – Britt Wray on Backyard Scientists

2013, S.alt Collective, Britt Wray on Ladies Lugging Gear

2012, Featured on Boots and Pine.

2010, The Digital Life Radio Show, Britt Wray on A Human Right

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