• Audio
  • Love and Radio episode: “Doing the No No”

    I produced the latest episode of Love and Radio with the incredibly talented Brendan Baker who slayed on the sound design, structural and editing work he poured into it. BABIES//BIOETHICS//BOUNDARIES Episode summary: Adam Zaretsky is a bioartist who explores the manipulation of DNA, the fringes of genetic modification, and butts up against the ethical boundaries […]

  • Interview
  • Taking synbio out of the lab: an interview with Britt Wray

    A recent interview about public engagement in synthetic biology with EUSynbioS and synthetic biology researcher Kostas Vavitsas. Full interview above or text below: A popular feature of recent EUSynbioS symposium was the Breakout Sessions, half-hour round table discussions on societal and regulatory issues of synthetic biology. One of the topics I was really looking forward […]