About me

Still from an animation I made for CBC Radio 1's Think About It, a national radio program about neuroscience that I was a producer of.

Still from an animation I made for CBC Radio 1’s Think About It, a national radio program about neuroscience that I was a producer of.

I make sounds about science, in radio and real life.

While trying to convince myself that I’d be a great biologist someday during my bachelor’s in the subject, I eventually admitted to myself how much I hated being in the lab (and how bad I was at being meticulous about measurements). So, with stars in my eyes for David Attenborough and other public ambassadors of science, I headed towards the broadcasting studio to explore what I was studying. What started as an obsession with the art of radio still remains, and has splintered out into other habits I’ve picked up, like writing, producing videos and making textile art about science.

About half of my time is spent making media and art projects, while the other half is spent researching and educating (in universities, communities, companies) about biotechnologically-driven change in the human and non-human living world, particularly as it relates to synthetic biology. I have degrees in biology, fine art and communications and I am currently pursuing my PhD at the University of Copenhagen in the department of Media, Cognition and Communication. My project investigates science communication in synthetic biology, and uses that research to make media for broadcast that experiments with interdisciplinary experimentation itself. Vague enough for you? I’ll upload finished projects to this website when they’re ready, I’m not much of an “in process sharer.”

I have been making radio professionally in public radio for the last 3 years and on a volunteer basis in community radio for the last 9 or so years. I have produced several radio documentaries, series and shows with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. I was the Associate Producer on Think About It, a national radio show about neuroscience. I made a feature length documentary for CBC Radio 1’s IDEAS about de-extinction called Undoing Forever with producer Sara Wolch, and have produced several segments for CBC Radio 1’s Spark (a show about technology and culture, please see my Soundcloud for some examples). I have been guest hosting on CBC Radio 3, Canada’s indie music station, a time during which I also worked at CBC Music and helped produce over 400 mini-audio docs about Canadian musicians. Outside of the CBC I have produced for WNYC’s Studio 360, one of my productions for which was a recipient of the 2014 Public Radio Exchange (PRX) STEM Story Project grant. I had my own podcast about science and society, which won the Ideas Tap Innovator’s Award, called The Tympanic Eclipse. It is now dormant and the website is down, but some pieces from it are still kicking around on my Soundcloud.

As for my art projects, I have exhibited at The Ontario Science Centre as well as been shown/broadcast at several artist-run centres and radio-art/transmission-art stations throughout Canada, The United States, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. I have worked in television with National Geographic in Morocco, and in film, on a documentary about synthetic biology with Field Test Independent Film Corps, in The US. I am an affiliate researcher at Fluxmedia Laboratory in Montreal which fuels interesting projects in bioart, media studies and all that connects them in between.

Along with Molly Willows, I co-founded Ladies Lugging Gear – a bi-monthly salon-style performance night in Toronto that celebrates the work of creative women in Toronto.

I am excited to be writing my first book, which is about resurrection and restoration science AKA de-extinction, with Greystone Books.

I have some examples from my audio and broadcasting work on Soundcloud.

If you are interested in contacting me please feel free to get in touch by writing me at hello@brittwray.com or finding me on Twitter @brittwray.