About Britt

IMG_0144 photo credit Arden Wray

I am a science storyteller who writes, hosts, makes radio, and directs interactive documentaries. I am currently completing a PhD at the University of Copenhagen, where I study science communication with a focus on synthetic biology in the department of Media, Cognition and Communication.

My research and media productions largely focus on socially entwined scientific areas that include gene/genome-editing, personal genomics, biohacking, artistic interventions in biotech, and wide forms of genetic modification.


I am the co-host of the forthcoming BBC podcast Tomorrow’s World, about the future of science and technology (first episode to drop in Summer 2017).

I’ve produced and hosted national radio shows at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (on CBC Radio 1 I produced a feature documentary about de-extinction called Undoing Forever for IDEAS with Paul Kennedy; made several contributions to Spark with Nora Young; was a producer on the summer series about neuroscience called Think About It; produced over 400 segments for CBC Radio 2 and hosted on CBC Radio 3).

I am also a returning contributor to WNYC’s Studio 360 in their Science and Creativity series, and I produced the episode Doing the No No for the hit podcast Love and Radio of the Radiotopia network. Other adventures in broadcasting have led me to join National Geographic on a television shoot in Morocco, as well as assist Field Test Films in the US.

I just wrote my first book Rise of the Necrofauna which will come out in September 2017 about the science, ethics and questions raised in de-extinction – a scientific movement that’s trying to bring extinct species “back to life”, as well as save endangered species on the brink. It will be published by Greystone Books on the David Suzuki Foundation imprint. I’m delighted that the foreword is written by George Church, Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and co-author of Regenesis. The Woolly Mammoth Revival project is currently underway in George’s lab.

I regularly give talks on: the future design of life; synthetic biology; CRISPR gene editing; de-extinction; ethical, social and legal implications of emerging genetic technologies and related areas. I talk with the Disruptors Academy of experts by Dare Disrupt.

I am the Creator of Aurator, an interactive audio archive that collects audio diaries and personal stories about synthetic biology. I am also the Creator of a forthcoming interactive documentary series about personal genomics, produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

My current PhD research on science communication and synthetic biology is supported by the UCPH Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Doctoral Fellowship. I have been a visiting scholar at Goldsmiths College, University of London (2012) as well as the Arthur L Carter Journalism Institute at NYU (2015-2016).

I’ve taught science communication and public engagement courses at the University of Oxford, University of Copenhagen, University of Warwick as well as art history at OCAD University.

Along with Molly Willows, I co-founded Ladies Lugging Gear – a (now on pause) bi-monthly salon-style performance night in Toronto that celebrates the work of creative women in Toronto (my hometown).

Feel free to write me at hello@brittwray.com or find me on Twitter @brittwray.

Still from an animation I made for CBC Radio 1's Think About It.