New post as researcher at the Center for Synthetic Biology in Copenhagen


As part of my PhD research I am collaborating with synthetic biologists, legal scholars, philosophers and other media scholars at the Center for Synthetic Biology in Copenhagen. Researchers from these groups are participating in my media project that aims to generate an original form of interdisciplinary communication in the field using radio and art production. I’m really grateful for how open they have been so far to my less-than-traditional ideas about communicating in science, and for their warm welcome to the center. More about my work with the Synthetic Biology Center here:

From their website:

About Center for Synthetic Biology

The Center for Synthetic Biology is an crossdisciplinary research center at University of Copenhagen. Having pioneered synthetic biology as a major research focus in a European context, the Center today creates a framework for several major research initiatives that has sprung from the original UNIK Synthetic Biology initiative. Maintaining a crossdisciplinary, collaborative environment on all academic levels is a key role for the Center for Synthetic Biology.

You can read more about the center here