TEDx talk video – The Lab is Not Hermetically Sealed

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(If this link is broken to the player above it can be viewed here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxJqJ9gTBlQ)

The Art and Science Journal wrote a review of the TEDx talk I gave at OCAD University on Jan 19, 2013, that the video is now up for. I’d say it’s a useful description of what’s enclosed in the talk if you’re at all interested in checking it out.

“Britt Wray, a biologist turned artist interested in ‘biotechnically-driven change in the human and non-human living world’ outlined the ways in which the realm of science – often presumed to stand as an untouched space of pure objectivity – is intertwined with art, politics, and society. She encouraged listeners not only to carefully consider the ways in which stories about science are being packaged for us, but to also take active part in the production of such stories.”