Love and Radio episode: “Doing the No No”

I produced the latest episode of Love and Radio with the incredibly talented Brendan Baker who slayed on the sound design, structural and editing work he poured into it. BABIES//BIOETHICS//BOUNDARIES Episode summary: Adam Zaretsky is a bioartist who explores the manipulation of DNA, the fringes of genetic modification, and butts up against the ethical boundaries of science and beyond. IT’S… Read more →


Wellcome Trust Emerging Producer at WCSFP 2016

I’ll be at the World Congress of Science and Factual Producers in Stockholm next week as one of the four Wellcome Trust Emerging Producers. The WCSFP is the leading annual event for science and factual content producers/broadcasters/distributors, and I will post updates about what I learn there after the event. I’m expecting for there to be a lot of interesting… Read more →

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Interview: The wild adventures of science storyteller Britt Wray on Faculty

There’s a new online magazine out there that’s not only about two things I love (nature and science) but is stunning in itself and concepted/curated/culled into existence by the talented designer Maggie Chok. It’s called Faculty and I was honoured to be interviewed for their launch issue. See their much more attractive spread here or read the interview plainly below:… Read more →

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Video: Why all the fuss about public engagement?

I facilitated a 2-day workshop exploring how synthetic biology research is connected to the external world and how it can be opened up and shared with the public at WISB for their PhDs and Post-docs in synthetic biology. The workshop examined a range of philosophical, ethical, communication, interdisciplinary and societal issues in synthetic biology. In their words “Our researchers gained… Read more →

Taking synbio out of the lab: an interview with Britt Wray

A recent interview about public engagement in synthetic biology with EUSynbioS and synthetic biology researcher Kostas Vavitsas. Full interview above or text below: A popular feature of recent EUSynbioS symposium was the Breakout Sessions, half-hour round table discussions on societal and regulatory issues of synthetic biology. One of the topics I was really looking forward to participate in was public… Read more →

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Why All the Fuss About Public Engagement in Synthetic Biology? Custom course for the Warwick Integrative Synthetic Biology Centre

Workshop Poster – Britt Wray Mar16[3] Societal issues in synthetic biology: why all the fuss about public engagement? Synthetic biologists are increasingly encouraged by funders and employers to engage with publics, in open and dynamic fora, about the implications of their research as well as participate in interdisciplinary collaborations. As a group, synthetic biologists are also generally marked by an… Read more →


Teaching at University of Oxford

The EPSRC and BBSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Synthetic Biology at Oxford University kindly invited me to create an afternoon workshop for their PhD students based on my own doctoral thesis that I’m writing/making at the University of Copenhagen. I gave a talk that explored issues and conflicts arising from interdisciplinary collaborations between synthetic biologists, social scientists, humanities scholars,… Read more →

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Scenario Magazine article: Re-writing extinction

I have an article in the new print issue of Scenario Magazine, now on newsstands in 23 countries and available from their online shop. In their own words, “SCENARIO is the award-winning magazine on trends, ideas, visions, and possible futures. It was established in 2010 and is developed by futurists from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies in regular collaboration… Read more →


Visiting Scholar at NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute

I’m happy to report that I’ve just arrived in Manhattan where I’ll be working as a Visiting Scholar at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University from now until early 2016. I’ll be concentrating on an interactive science documentary I’m currently producing with Nadja Oertelt and creating workshops for NYU J-school graduate students on science communication and… Read more →

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Recording the sounds of Iceland with Chris Watson

I spent ten days in June learning about sound recording in the field with the legendary sound recordist Chris Watson (of the Dadaist group Cabaret Voltaire, a zillion wonderful BBC productions and nature docs with David Attenborough, plus so much more). Artists Jez Riley French and Finnbogi Peterssun were also advising our team. I had the time of my life,… Read more →

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Canadian Science Journalism Award

Thank you very much to the Canadian Science Writer’s Association for giving Undoing Forever, our documentary for CBC Radio 1’s long-running documentary program – IDEAS, with Paul Kennedy – an honourable mention for the Canadian Science Journalism Award. This documentary about the science and ethics of de-extinction was produced by CBC’s master in-house producer Sara Wolch, with research, writing and… Read more →

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Blogging for the MIT and Culture Kettle collaboration: The Evolving Culture of Science Engagement

I wrote something that was posted today over on the MIT and Culture Kettle Evolving Culture of Science Engagement website. Full text follows: In the insightful research agenda that appears at the end of the first Evolving Culture of Science Engagement report, some attention is paid to the idea that research is already “out there” about several of the ways… Read more →